WWE'12 Collectors Edition is called The People's Edition and, after a public poll, the people chose The Rock to star on the cover. The downside to this edition is that it's only available through the THQ store for Canadians and Americans, and select Retailers for everywhere else. The People's Edition contains:

-Foil sleeve cover packaging featuring The Rock Copy of WWE'12
-The Rock playable in-game character

WWE Blu-Ray/DVD featuring:

-WWE Championship Match - Booker T vs. The Rock - SummerSlam - 19th August, 2001
-Intercontinental Championship Match - Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam - Raw - 16th September, 2002
-World Heavyweight Championship Match - Triple H vs. Kane - Raw - 23rd June, 2003
-60-Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship - Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar - SmackDown! - 18th September, 2003
-WWE Championship Match - Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio - SmackDown! - 18th March, 2004 Exclusive Foil Topps Trading Card featuring The Rock Art Image of The Rock

WWE'12 will be releasing 25th November 2011 in the UK.

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