It wasn't long before the mobile hit favourite was announced for Xbox Live, with Kinect features. Yet again, it wasn't long before it got its first DLC - the 'Storm Season'. Now just almost two months after the game was released - there is three DLCs, with no word on HalfBrick to stop releasing them.

The 'Art Box' DLC is on the marketplace, for the cheap price of 160MSP, comes with 50G of achievements along with one background, one character silhouette and one blade type. If you have this game, it is definitely worth picking up the DLCs.

Discover your creative side! Art Box contains: THE CALLIGRAPHY BRUSH - The pen is mightier than the sword. THE PARCHMENT BACKGROUND - A blank canvas just for you. THE INK SHADOW - Leave your mark with grace. All are immediately available in Sensei's Swag.

You can download the DLC from marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Pro...

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