EA and Dice have confirmed the release date for the long awaited Beta for Battlefield 3.

The Beta will release on September 29th for both console and pc players, but if you remember and cast your mind back to the release of Medal of Honor last year, you will remember that if you brought that game you would be given exclusive access to the Beta of Battlefield 3.

Well this is still holding true and anybody with the Medal of Honor game still will be able to access the Beta two days earlier, as it will be launching on September 27th. It may not be much but it's still something right?

The Beta will run up until October 10th, and anything that is unlocked during that time will not be carried over to the final game, Dice do not want to give Beta players the advantage over normal players.

Finally though Dice did have this to say The beta is not final software and updates will be done both to the game and to the back-end prior to the Battlefield 3 launch, Your participation will still help us improve the final game.

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