Recently we wrote an article about how Xbox Live features have been confirmed on the new and upcoming Windows 8 Operating System - here's a link if you missed it: xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t...

Officially revealed last Thursday, Xbox Live on Windows 8 aims to provide a unified experience for across the Xbox Live, Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms - but also plans to allow each medium to play with each other cross platform using a technology known as Async. This will allow multiplayer gaming and matchmaking across all devices.

Amongst the other things planned for the Windows 8 version of Xbox Live are the following features.

- Avatars & Avatar Awards
- Beacons
- Friends List and Community
- Achievements and Gamerscore
- Multiplayer
- Roaming Save States & Storage
- Title Managed Storage
- Real Time Counting services
- Public use of API's for Developers

Well we have some footage originally from winrumors.com... showcasing not only how gameplay and achievements work on the Windows 8 OS - but also how the interface works in terms of viewing content, your friends, your achievements and so on.

[showcase=pinballfxonwindows8,Pinball FX on Windows 8]fWGDEL-BMWU[/showcase]
[showcase=windows8sxboxlivefunctionality,Windows 8s Xbox Live Functionality]pS60SDXD88o[/showcase]

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