I'll be honest, we all had a spot in our hearts for a game we all wanted to see and play. For x2i, that was MW3. For DJ Tapout I say Just Dance 3! As for me? This was the game I was searching for all day!

So this is the third time Capcom and Namco have both been in a game together. For those who don't remember, they both featured in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namco_x_... for the PS2 and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_Ed... for PS3. When the game was first announced, one question came to my mind: Why? But later, this changed to why not? Street Fighter is all about projectile moves which is more in line for the 2D fighters. Tekken on the other hand has a completely different fighting style where each button uses the left or the right side of the fighter. With this in mind Tekken fans will have to deal with the SF fighting style.

The character selection looked finished but, since this is just a demo, more could be added. Apart from 2 hidden characters this is the roster I saw :

Street Fighter




Shocked to not see Akuma on the list? Yeah so was I. But I'm sure when the final cast comes out, he will be in. Personally I'm hoping we can get a few more of the Final Fight cast in.

The team matches that can come out of this game is unreal. We are finally going to have Zangief fighting Kuma the bear!

Me and DJ Tapout had a few rounds on the game itself. He went for the classic team of Street Fighters Ryu and Ken. While I went for tag team of Bob Sagat! I got to admit, I've never played Tekken before so this was a whole new ball game to me. The Cross Rush feature works really well and is all about timing. Hitting it in time will tag your partner in. For example, playing as Ryu doing a dragon punch connecting will tag in your partner to perform another move.

The tag feature is an important part of survival to the game. Even thought it's tag team, if one member of your team dies you lose. It's also worth mentions that I didn't get to see the Pandora feature in the game either. The Pandora move lets you sacrifice your partner so you can have your health back and become stronger. This could be a case of me and DJ not being able to perform it or it wasn't in this trial version of the game.

With a bit more polish this game looks like it's almost ready to be hitting the shops. There is still no release date but expect the game to be out next year!


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