Today, Microsoft confirmed the rumours that have been floating around for a few months that Xbox Live would be coming to their newest Operating System - Windows 8.

Rumours began to surface earlier this year when someone who apparently got thier hands on an early copy of Windows 8 decompiled some of the code and found in-built references to Xbox Live.

In an effort to unify your experience across a multitude of their devices/software (namely Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7), Microsoft have announced that they will also be working with game developers to enable them to create Windows Games that can take advantage of the power of Xbox LIVE.

A lot more information about this feature is still yet to come so keep your eyes open for updates on the site as and when it is announced.

The first public Release Candidate for Windows 8 was released recently and is available to wdp.dlws.microsoft.com/WDPDL/9... for anyone who wishes to give it a try - sadly it doesn't feature anything related to this announcement.

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