As fall approaches, you can expect to see the new dashboard update for your 360. As mentioned at E3, the new dashboard will have great new features such as Youtube, Bing and UFC.

The new dashboard will be using Twist Control or Metro as WP7 users know it as. It will also have full use of the Kinect features, as well as normal controls for those who prefer using a controller. Once again all tabs will be changed around to be more user friendly. While some may be upset that the Bing search engine is not the internet version, this is still a great feature and saves you looking around.

The UFC feature has not been confirmed if it will make it over here in the UK. As some may remember, the USA has ESPN, Netflix and Hulu plus. Skype will also be a brand new feature on the 360 as well. As some may remember Microsoft agreed to pay 8.5 billion to acquire the company. With all these great features it's going to be hard for Microsoft to even top this one!

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