After rumours started flying around back in July, that the ESRB listed the first Crysis was coming to Xbox 360 and had been classified. EA today have confirmed that this report is indeed true.

Not only did they finally confirm the game but they also announced that it would be on the way to the marketplace next month and would be launching for 1600MSP.

Not only will you be getting Crysis but it will be an enhanced and retextured version of the original game that launched a mere four years ago.

Add in the fact that the game will be featuring the same stereoscopic 3D tech that Crysis 2 used back in March, this is really shaping up to be a nicely packed product at a great price to boot.

So will you be picking this game up at that price, or is it a little too expensive for your liking, is this also the first of many more 1600MSP games to come?

I guess all of these questions will be answered sooner or later!

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