The Computerbild Spiele website is giving out free RAGE Avatar T-Shirts - 2000 of each gender so you need to be quick if you want one. Just simply click either of the links below (depending on which gender shirt you want, you can get one of each if you like) - register an account if you don't already have one then, once logged in successfully, click the image of the avatar wearing the T-Shirt, confirm your e-mail address and await the codes arrival in your inbox.

Like I said it's a limited time offer and there's only 2000 of each gender so be quick - GO! If you're struggling to understand the German website - remember, translate.google.com/... is your friend.

Link for Female T-Shirt: computerbild.de/gutscheinakt... ... 33716.html
Link for Male T-Shirt: computerbild.de/gutscheinakt... ... 33701.html

8 years ago
I just signed up to get one and recieved:

Vielen Dank f?r Ihre Anfrage!

Leider sind bereits alle Codes vergeben, so dass wir Ihnen keinen Gutschein mehr zuteilen k?nnen.

Roughly translated it means they are all out and can get no more.

I even tried it with a Eu account to see if codes were maybe regional.
8 years ago
[imgsize=20, 20]http] Via http

we will definitely be giving some away soon so keep your eyes peeled and also... Its only 80msp on the marketplace anyway so your not missing much.