Well wow what can be said in the space of two days it appears that two games developers are either in trouble or bankrupt now. But reports now show that a third is to add to the list and that third publisher is Eidos.

Eidos who had major fame in the 90's with Tomb Raider and then in the early 200s with franchise such as Time Splitters is now selling there name and stock over to none other then Square Enix.

A agreement between the two companies resulted that Square Enix would have complete takeover of the company before the end of may this year. Shareholders at Eidos will be going into a meeting later on this month to find out that there share listings will be suspended and terminated by April 22nd even though this isn't definite as of yet.

This news now makes me wonder how Lara Croft will appear with crazy animé hairstyles and over the top sword wielding.

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