Major Nelson has released not only this weeks, but next weeks Deal of the Week. This week sees the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC:

Onslaught Mode- 400 MSP - 200 MSP
BFBC2 Vietnam 1200 MSP - 600 MSP
Bad Company 2 VIP 800 MSP - 400 MSP
Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack 1200 MSP - 600 MSP
SPECACT Upgrade Bundle 480 MSP - 240 MSP
Bad Company 2 Vietnam Theme 240 MSP - 120 MSP

After which, next week sees the Rockstar pass for L.A. Noire on sale at 640MSP. The Rockstar Pass allows players to get the DLC free of charge, and the price of the pass compared to all the DLC combined is definitely a good deal.

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