xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t... for the upcoming Sonic game, Sonic Generations was released, showing off two new levels amongst other things. Today there has been some screenshots released, along with a confirmed release date and information on the pre-order bonuses.

Along with many games coming out this November, Sonic Generations will be coming out at the beginning of the month in the US, the 1st - and in the UK the 4th. If you are to pre-order this game from select retailers (GAME, Gamestation, GameStop are just some) you will automatically receive the Special Edition, which will contain three things:
An exclusive Casino Night Pinball Stage of which Sonic can play through a HD Pinball Stage 're-living some classic retro moments', an exclusive Sonic Xbox 360 Dashboard Theme and a Super Sonic Costume for your avatar to wear.

However if you are looking for some screenshots, you are in luck as a bucket full of screenshots have been released, you can view them in our gallery here: xboxresource.com/gallery.php?g...

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