After some technical issues, 2K Games managed to get the live stream of Borderlands 2 up and running. Sadly, they weren't able to show much of the gameplay, however what they did reveal looked interesting and fun. The level that was being played off to the side was called A Dam Fine Rescue in which the player is trying to rescue Roland from Borderlands 1. The lack of gameplay didn't stop them from being able to answer questions however, and below you can find the information that was provided.

-Borderlands 2 takes place five years after the events of Borderlands and the world of Pandora has greatly changed.

-Salvador can dual wield all weapon types, including snipers and rocket launchers.

-The skill tree bonuses are now 'Game Changers' instead of meaningless stat boosts.

-The original Vault Hunters are now fugitives, being made public enemies 1,2,3 and 4 by Handsome Jack. Jack has taken over Hyperion and re-purposed them from a mining company into a war machine. He also takes the credit for opening the vault and saving Pandora. the objective of Borderlands 2 will be to wipe him out.

-The opening area of Borderlands 2 will be an Artic Tundra.

-Vehicles have been designed to have better handling, and to hold four players, instead of two. They have independant suspension and can now perform powerslides. The controls in Borderlands was similar to Halo, where you point the camera and go in that direction. These controls will be present in the options, providing they're able to work out how to add it.

-Old faces, such as Marcus, Zed and Scooter, will be returning under different circumstances.

-The conceptual side of guns has been re-built. Each corporation such as Hyperion, Dahl, Vladof) will have unique stylised guns which operate uniquely to other corporations. Tediore weapons, for example, enable you to throw empty clips away, turning them into grenades. If you throw away a clip with ammo in, it provides a bigger bang.

-The game will feature four new characters, two have been announced as Salvador the Gunzerker Dwarf and Maya the Siren.

-Item trading has been re-worked to be more fair.

-Split screen can now be played online, and the menus have been re-designed to get rid of the panning screen issue. The entire UI for single player and split screen has been re-worked.

-Borderlands 2 is expected to be around the same length as Borderlands, however it is currently undetermined. Borderlands 2 will feature New Game+/Playthrough 2.

-All guns can be used by all classes.

-Some of the confirmed areas include deserts, tundras and forests.

-Bandit made weapons are a new addition and feature larger clips than any other corporation.

-The story is three times as big and is designed to be more flexible and feasible, connecting to the world to a bigger extent than Borderlands did. The story is more central to the game, and quest items can now move. Some quests change depending on how you play.

Special thanks to maniac2k6, who helped take notes during the live stream.

8 years ago
Can't wait for Borderlands 2! :D The few bits of gameplay we got to see looked great, and all the info out so far imply it's gonna be a superior game in every way to the original.
8 years ago
The way they made the story sound does imply it will be alot better. It seems to be shaping up to be quite a hit, I just wish we could've seen more than like 20 seconds. I want to know more about the characters asap now, as they seem to be more diverse and overhauled.