After the release of the single player demo last week for Ubisoft's upcoming major hit Driver: San Francisco, they today went and announced that later on sometime a multiplayer demo will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and will feature two types of game modes for people to get their hands on.

The game modes that will come bundled with the demo are Tag and Trailblazer.
Tag sees you trying to tag opponent vehicles to become the It car whilst everybody is out to ram you off the road as quick as possible to take that status away.

Trailblzer on the other hand is more of trying to follow the lead drivers draft line whilst all the opponents in the game will try there best to ram you off the road.

Overall from the first demo for this game, most peoples reactions have been far from positive but we still hold out hope that when the game hits in just a few short weeks, it will have what it takes to contend with the whole slew of upcoming triple A titles.

Expect a full in depth review very soon.

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