We did find out about this news a few days ago but sadly failed to get it up before all the major sites did.

Anyway in a interesting piece of news for all you Tropico fans out there, Kalypso Media have announced a partial release date for their upcoming simulation game Tropico 4.

The game is set to release onto the Xbox 360 in the middle of September, which means it gets a two week delay from the original slow that the game was supposed to come out in.

Those added two week's though will no doubt help the game out as im sure it will be used for advertising and publishing time as Tropico 3 was a major sleeper hit amongst many Xbox 360 gamers.

8 years ago
Lovely game TROPICO 3 is... despite it's bugs later in the game.

Speaking spanish, made it funnier too, since Spain's spanish and latin-american one is quite different, most like how someone from California would feel when speaking with someone from Glasgow, lol.

No 1st day purchase as I have to finish T3 yet, but defo will be looking forward getting it in the future :)

Viva el presidente! :D
I really liked Tropico 3 it was a fun game, but i always had problems getting into it and not being very good at it, i will be picking up the fourth though for sure.