SPLAT! Theres a new game heading splatting onto Xbox Live Arcade! It's titled 'The Splatters' and is a De-Blob themed puzzler. (For those who are sad about xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t...

The Splatters are a bunch of ever-smiling, semi-suicidal master acrobats with one purpose in life: to blow themselves up. Slam them against walls, crash them into spikes, ride the slides, and chain spectacular stunt-combos to rack up massive scores. Get creative to make the most out of every setting and put on the best show in town. Unleash 15 distinct talents and over 60 action-packed puzzles with stunning HD visuals in a one-of-a-kind physics-based universe. Once you've honed your skills, challenge your friends in a game that redefines the term replay value. Jump in and have a blast with the Splatters! Life's short. DIE WITH STYLE.

Attendants of PAX Prime which is later this month will have the opportunity to play this game, otherwise it will be released in 2012.

You can view the trailer here: [showcase=thesplattersrevealtrailer,The Splatters Reveal Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/v/eIXn9TgvJqM[/showcase]

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