Recently we posted the announcement of Borderlands 2, and that its site and pre-order were up. All we knew was it was a new game that is in unexplored areas of Pandora. Further details are now out, thanks to Game Informer. Some of these new details are:

-Borderlands 2 will feature four player co-op, just like Borderlands.

-Enemy and NPC AI has been beefed up to provide a more interactive environment, with friendly NPC's offering conversations, and enemies having weaponary unique to their classes.

-Borderlands 2 will feature Eridium, a new element which will act as the currency. It can also be used to upgrade weapons and vehicles.

-The original Borderlands characters will be featured as NPC's.

-One of the new characters is a dwarf called Salvador (pictured below), a Gunzerker who is able to dual wield any weapons.

-Borderlands 2 will have new weapons which will be more closely designed to fit the in-game manufacturers styles.

-The missions will be dynamic, aiming to make other factors, such as time, critical to progressing.

-Claptraps will return.

According to the official announcements, Borderlands 2 is set to be released in Take-Two's fiscal year 2013. This begins 1st April 2012.

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as a fan of the beserker i may be interested in this guy. Might want to note that it isnt due to come out until around April 2012