Tentacles released onto the Marketplace a few weeks back now, and whilst the game was very unique it also became far too challenging in the later levels, this meaning that by the time you got past the half way stage of the game you would be dying a lot.

Press Play the developer of the game have listened to the issues raised by the difficulty and have stated that it is their own fault as they rushed the game out to get it on the Marketplace in time, and because of that an update will be released soon to rectify this problem.

What the update will entail though is currently not known, will there be a difficulty choice setting at all or will they give us more life or fewer enemies?

All will be found out within the coming months as we wait for the first title update to drop.

8 years ago
[quote=EastX]Hi. Please don't forget to post the original source of the article:


Hi EastX. We didn't source our article from there, most of our news now comes off the press.
No for that one EastX is correct, i did get that infro from there.

I will update no problem at all

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