Yesterday a entry over at the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) was found by Gamerzines, and what is more interesting is that the entry in question outed the fact that Rockstar may have a Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition on the way to a Xbox 360 near you soon.

The entry also pin points out that a release date is currently scheduled in for September 16th 2011, which only means that it could be six weeks away, giving them enough time to get the game classified and printed for retail release.

Shortly after this entry was found though the BBFC were quick to take it down, which could mean they are possibly trying to hide something.

Overall though a GOTY edition for Red Dead sounds like a great idea, if Rockstar bundle the main game plus all of the DLC and the Undead Nightmare, then this would be a great little package and no doubt Rockstar would probably add something else in as more of an incentive to pick it up.

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