This week Gold Members can save 30% on changing their gamertag, it is priced at 560MSP and will be available until the 8th August.

UPDATE: The Fancy Pants Adventure is also on DoTW for 400 MSP.

Will you be changing your gamertag this summer?

8 years ago
Really!? Is it April 1st? This is a joke, right? REALLY!?! C'mon, I know people complain when there's a naff DOTW, but this is probably the worst deal ever. Is anyone, and I mean ANYONE, really going to take advantage of this?!
8 years ago
Knock Knock *

The FANCY PANTS ADVENTURES arcade game is now 50% off ( that's it you maths freaks, 400 msp ).

Thanks trueachievements for the heads up.

DOTW !!1! More than meeets the eye!

Nice one Z4MO that one completely slipped us.

But then again just recently i have been that busy behind the scenes for this site that i really haven't paid attention to anything that has been going on.

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