Today it has been found out through an app called Dude Where's My Update? that another version or should we say build of Windows Phone is currently lurking somewhere.

The build is currently known as 7.10.8200. or in other words Tango, if you take a closer look at the numbers though you will see that this is a higher version then that of Mango which means that could this be the bridge between Mango and Apollo, the same as NoDo was for 7 and Mango?

Now remember that when Apollo launches that will carry with it Windows Phone 8, so the above theory could all be very true seeing as it is version 7.10, but whilst Microsoft are yet to declare anything at all, a guy called Nanapho says the build will come with better Bing, improved Bluetooth, Internet Explorer 10 and Skype integration.

Not only all of that but their seems to be some Nokia coding within the build also which could pave the way for Nokia specific updates to your devices?

Whether or not this does indeed seem to be Tango will have to be confirmed, but until we do officially find out then we can all bask in the glory of knowing that we will get more updates before Windows Phone 8 Apollo Launches sometime next year.

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