If you're looking for a unique, fun and interesting game, here is your friend. Parachute Panic is a game developed by the same company as Doodle Jump (and we all know how much of an addictive and fun game that is.) The objective of the game is to simply try and get little men that parachute out aeroplanes safely onto the passing boats. There are twists and obstacles that aim for you to fail such as storm clouds, sharks, UFOs and helicopters.

There are two modes, Easy and Normal. With Normal being slightly more difficult than Easy. Only by a fraction as there are only more people to rescue. The start menu looks very appealing, with the basic 'scribble' design on a notebook which sounds not very interesting but really looks good.

The main feature of the main menu is the Easter Egg, which not a lot of people know about if they don't read achievements however there is not a lot to the main menu apart from this. There is a Shark of which you can tap ten times for you to provoke him, he gives you a scary warning, however you get an achievement worth 5G.

The gameplay is really smooth, not a lot going on which is great however on the low levels can be boring. You can use your finger to guide your parachutist onto the boat, away from enemies or into power ups. This gesture is really simple to use and there are lines representing wind to show you have moved you character, although you know this because he has moved. Come by the later levels and no doubt you would have experienced your first death. You begin with 6 lives, with the ability to earn 4 more by saving the screaming babies carried on screen by pelicans. Other power ups include fish, that jump out of the water and if you manage to successfully catch them you get 1 point. Enemies you want to avoid are things like UFOs, that suck you in, as well as helicopters that don't mind coming crashing into you. These both you can easily block by tapping on the object several times. The other possible way to die is get eaten by a shark, so try not to get too close to that water!

Other than that, the gameplay is pretty much the same throughout the game. Each stage gets harder and harder, with more enemies, less power ups and more parachutists. I give the gameplay a 6/10. It is fun and good for killing boredom, however it is the same throughout the game, which can eventually become dull.

The graphics are un debatable. They are scribble-drawing type graphics, similar to Doodle Jump. They work well, they look nice and aren't greatly detailed but then the game is in HD. There isn't a lot to say about the graphics, but I give them a 8/10. Just because they are scribble type graphics they aren't all that bad.

The sounds on this game is fantastic, they really get you in a good mood. You start off with a cheesy catch phrase I'm falling down, I'm falling down, na na na na Once you head yourself into the game, there is an Animal Crossing type tune which is very acoustic. This gets quite repetitive and annoying, but you can quickly in the pause menu choose whether you would like the cheesy Falling Down tune or whether you would simply like to have the music off. You can hear the theme tune here: [showcase=parachutepanicthemesong,Parachute Panic Theme Song]http://www.youtube.com/v/Pn72zkt-6-0[/showcase]

Now, for the best part. When you die, what you get is not expected. A voice blurts out, GAME IS OVEERRRR, NOT FOREVER, TRY IT AGAIN... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT... TRY TO SAVE OURR SOUULLLLSSS! and for me, just makes your life complete. The theme really puts you in a good mood, and if you have just lost from doing really well you can't help but not laugh. If other games had these dynamic exits then the world would be a much funny place. I give the sound in this game a 9/10, the entrance theme tune is catchy, the default in-game theme is dislikeable but the dying theme tune just completes your life.

Meanwhile if you are more of an Achievement Hunter, you can grab yourself an easy 60G without much effort. Some of these achievements include doing things like Dying in every possible way in a game, along with keeping your parachutist in the air for over 20 seconds. One of the best achievements is probably the 'Easter Egg' achievement, which like I said before requires you to annoy the Shark on the home screen. Time consuming achievements include things like destroying 50 UFOs, which will grab you 5G. Reaching the end of the final game in Normal difficulty will grab you a nice 20G. There is also another achievement where the Doodle Jump person will jump out of the plane, you have to tap on him 20 times consecutively and you will get 10G although this is quite hard. If you are a person that likes to complete games then this might take you some time to get the full 200G, otherwise the achievements on this game are fairly fun to get. I give them a 7/10, on the grounds of difficulty if you are a completer.

To sum up this game, it is an addictive, funny game and it's great for killing boredom. The developers know how to target their audience and create an addictive game, as we experienced with Doodle Jump. The theme songs really make the game enjoyable, but could get rather repetitive although on some occasions this could be good.
I think we could expect to see more games like this from the developer. I give it a 8/10.

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