A report found over at DigiTimes as indicated that a whole slew of Windows Phone Mango devices will be ready to be shipped and sold by September.

This would mean that Microsoft are going to be charging in head first against Apple as Apple's iOS5 takes on all of the WP Mango devices. All of this though is further backed up by the fact that a competition held for something called the Imagine Cup, the winners would all be given a Windows Phone Mango device in September.

Also with Toshiba readying there brand new IS12T waterproof phone for September then it looks all but certain that everybody with a WP7 right now can expect to see an update being sent to there phone within the next few weeks.

Are you excited at this news, I know for sure i am with all of the new features coming to WP 7.5 and the upgraded Xbox Live with added Multiplayer things are really shaping up well for Microsoft.

8 years ago
Can't wait for this to come, to bring something new and fresh for the WP7.