Team 17 announced a few days back that coming sometime in the near future they will be bringing us more fun filled Worms Goodness by packaging bother Worms 3D and Worms 4 into one stand alone product and calling it Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.

Obviously though with these being ports of the original Playstation 2 and Xbox games you would think that their would surely be more content bundled in to make the package even sweet, and well you would be correct.

So what are those features exactly well John Dennis head of the design department over at Team 17 had this to say 60 single-player missions, 12 graphical themes, 38 weapons, full online play for up to four players and literally more ways to customise your worm and game experience than we can count

And that is not all as with this package they have even spruced up the visuals into HD giving the game world that added sparkle, and they have also enhanced the game camera to make the game run smoother.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem will be heading for the Arcade later on this year.

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