If you think you are a hardcore player, you might want to think again once you've played The Gunstringer, the upcoming Kinect hit.

Twisted Pixel have announced and detailed one of many modes coming to The Gunstringer. Such modes include a No-Fail mode, for players who aren't very good, a Meatstringer mode which wasn't specified and an in-game commentary mode. Twisted Pixel have had Hardcore Modes in other games, such as their 'Splosion Man. But this is set to be the meanest Kinect experience ever.

The Hardcore mode includes somewhat very interesting things, that will make it 'hard-core'.

- Enemies shoot three or more bullets for every bullet they'd usually shoot.

- Dodging obstacles becomes harder with boulders and traps in all-new locations

- You lose double health, and it never regenerates.

Better yet, you have to complete the whole game, without dying, in one playthrough!

Even better is that there is an achievement coming, which players who love to complete games, are going to love.

If you're ready for this insanity then The Gunstringer is available worldwide on the 13th September worldwide and 16th September in the UK.

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