Later this year marks the release date for the child-popular Kinect game sequel, Kinectimals, Now With Bears! The original Kinectimals game was released back in November 2010 with 5 Tigers, of which you could explore the island and whatnot they were discovered. You can pick this up for 1200MSP or a retail disc RRP of $49.99/39.99.

This time round you can choose from 5 bears, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Glacier Bear or the Polar Bear. If that isn't enough to tempt you then you can continue to unlock another 10 animals during the course of your journeys to solve the Legend of Felis Aurum and the Fiddler's Quest.

Still not satisfied this is worth 1200MSP? There is a new guide named Bumblina, who will guide you as you explore the coast of Lemuria. Your bear will be able to do many tricks such as fetch to juggling, you can also decorate its house with toys and treasures you will find on your voyage through the game.

Before you decide whether you would like it whether your child would like it, why not check out the xboxresource.com/gallery.php?g...

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