As with Twisted Pixel is in such a good mood lately, first with the xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t..., the xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t... now a Contest has been revealed for their latest game Ms. Splosion Man.

It is a Title Managed Storage (TMS) challenge, and it is live. TMS means that Twisted Pixel can allow updates to go into the game without the need for disconnecting from Xbox Live, and downloading the update.

There is a 'Contest Stage' in the Main Menu and you have to select it. The stage features Mr.Destructoid, the objective being defeat him. The prize is a Mr.Destructoid bobble head, a Ms. Splosion Man statue with other goodies such as T-shirts and posters. There will also be one random fan who will win a Twisted Pixel Prize Pack. The contest runs through until July 31st, so get in there and try and win!

[source=True Achievements]trueachievements.com/n4651/ms-...[/source]

8 years ago
Ive been having a bash at this for most of the evening and night.. and the furthest ive placed on the leaderboards is 53rd. Not sure if ive been knocked down a few or not since ive been playing single player.. but i'm literally 0.6secs off the top score.. its been doin my noggin in LOL. Anyone else on here tried it?