One of the best features for Battlefield multiplayer, the Veteran System, is set to be included in the full retail game this fall.

This news came from a screenshot showing an in-game service called Battlelog. You can check out the screenshot by clicking the following link - battlefield3gamer.com/apps/b... ... -battlelog. The screenshot was first seen the other day on an official Battlefield Germany website.

Battlefield veterans from Bad Company 1 and 2 received rewards for obtaining veteran rank. These rewards came in the form of powerful weapons (F2000 in BC1 and M1 Garrand in BC2). DICE has yet to confirm whether or not players will receive rewards for obtaining veteran rank, but you can expect to see some type of “congrats” from DICE.

While I am excited to see the Veteran System included in Battlefield 3, the Battlelog screenshots really got my attention as it looks fantastic!


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