Today 345 Games Creative Director, Prithvi Virasinghe spoke out about how they signed a two game exclusive deal with Microsoft and that a second game is being worked out, This is exactly what he said Right now, South Park is actually in a first-party deal with Microsoft Studios, who published the first game, and they're doing a second game as well.

Prithvi then went onto say that once the second game comes out the deal will end, and with that they will try to retain the rights so that they can finally take the first game multi-platform.

Many people enjoyed the first South Park game, so this suggests this could be a great arcade hit.

9 years ago
Loved the 1st one. You could actively participate into the killing and loot grabbing! Plus it had online co-op.

It was day 1 purchase for me, glad to know a sequel is in the works, but would like the same mechanics with different envelope other than south park's.