Saints Row The Third seems to get more wackier every time we lay our eyes on it, with the third game promising to be the most funniest experience on your console this year.

With that Volition and THQ today revealed the trailer and Pre-order items that you can expect if your pre-order Saints 3 for later this year. The pack includes:
Professor Genki's Super Ballistic Man-a-pult: Cruise Steelport in style with this vacuum-action human-cannonball truck. Suck up pedestrians and use them as live ammunition against the forces of evil, and everyone else.

Professor Genki's Octopuss Cannon: Fire baby octopi onto your enemies' heads! Watch as the octopi massage their scalps and your enemies fight for you! Enemies can be friends too!

Professor Genki's Leisure Stunt Suit: The ultimate in comfort and tight-fitting apparel, the Genki Leisure Stunt Suit is perfect for skydiving over Steelport or to wear while ejecting from high-flying fighter jets. Free Genki mask included!

With these details though comes the insanely over the top and slightly Japanese themed trailer which you can view here in our showcase: [showcase=professorgenkipreorderpack,Professor Genki Pre Order Pack]http://www.youtube.com/v/SytqGAolhgg[/showcase]

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