As announced at this years E3 event, Microsoft promised to bring a new service that allowed people to save content to the [hint=An online storage center]'cloud'[/hint] - meaning no longer do you have to save a game file or your gamer profile to a USB stick to take it round to a friends house... or put up with that painfully slow gamertag recovery process.

Well, we are please to announce that said service is now Live and available for use by anyone who has had an update, if you haven't don't fret, they are rolling it out gradually.

Currently only a limited number of titles will support this feature gamewise whilst they test the demand for it - we cannot comment on which games offer it just yet. But you should be able to use it to retrieve your gamer profile from now on.

Let us know how it's working if you have used it and if so... which games did you use it on.

#008040">UPDATE: According to Joystiq, Cloud Storage for Xbox Live isn't actually available right now. We will keep you posted but here's a link back to see for yourself (joystiq.com/2011/07/06/psa-x... ... -not-live/)

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