I want to start this weeks new WP7 releases by saying that there are no new games coming to the device this week, marking the first time since the WP7 released that a week as come by without a new release.

The reason for this is because Twin Blades has now formally returned to the marketplace as we covered a few weeks back and Microsoft are treating the new updated version of the game as a brand new game again. If you have previously paid for the game before it was pulled before you will not need to pay again.

This weeks DotW is Bubble Town 2 which is a cheap knock off of Puzzle Bobble. The game is reduced down to 1.99 - $2.49

Hopefully next week we will see some new releases again, as this week as already angered many of the WP7 community, and next week's Dotw is scheduled to be Fast and the Furious Adrenaline marking the third week an I-Play game as been discounted in a row.

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