Games come by that everyone loves, take Angry Birds, or even the old school Pac-Man for example, everybody loved it. If you've played the android or iPhone version of Doodle Jump, they are both slightly different to the WP7 version. Of course the Windows Phone 7 Doodle Jump contains achievements, but also contains friends leaderboards.

Without hesitation, you hit start and you immediately find yourself on what seems to be a rather bland screen, with a few green platforms and brown platforms, the brown ones of which crack upon contact. You work your way up to the 5000 mark, realizing it is not just about jumping, you approach enemies and different power ups, such as springs and trampolines, later jet packs and propellers - some of which can be quite challenging to tackle. Anyone who is experienced with games realizes there must be some sort of defense for the Doodle Man, you can tap your screen and he will shoot, one hit kill for the small enemies of which look like Tamagotchis and 5 or 6 shots for the larger enemies. This can be quite challenging as your Doodle Man is constantly jumping, and if another platform gets in the way you can easily jump on it and die from the enemy you are trying to defeat. A good thing is the power up of a force field, which lasts around 15 seconds, it protects you against anything.

The graphics are neither here or there, graphics don't really matter for a game that is so intriguing, but what does bring the game to the next level is the different scenery you can have. Some people can naturally find this but if not then you will probably not have found this easter egg. On the main page, at the bottom is a section - which you can swipe to change the levels. The four different levels are as shown above, Space, Jungle, Night and Christmas, with my personal favourite being the space, as the rocket power up can blast you an amazing 6000 points - his outfit also pretty trendy. However I think Microsoft could have bargained into getting the exclusive levels that are on the iPhone, one namely the Football Pitch. Something that saves the green and brown platforms from getting old is the different variety of platforms you start to experience in the higher levels, there are a few such as ones that disappear that are white... other that have a set timer and have a domino effect on each other, those are green, turning yellow that turn red and then disintegrate.

The leaderboards bring something new to the game, fair enough leaderboards are old and boring for some, but it encourages players to try and beat their friends. *Glances over at DJ Tapout* It also shows if you are average with the game, good or whether your pretty rubbish compared to your friends. There are also a local feature of the leaderboards, this keeps a record of all the games played on your device. This is interesting and fun as you can set targets for yourself. Unfortunately the down side is the achievements. Two of which are almost impossible to get and one of which is glitched, making it impossible for 100%'ers to complete the WP7 favourite. The two extremely hard ones you have to either jump on or jump past 30 enemies in one playthrough. This is hard because in an average playthrough you get to see about 7-11 enemies before you die. You can also only score about 47,000 points, after that it becomes ridiculously hard to keep yourself on the moving platforms, dodging or trying to shoot enemies and whatnot.

The glitched achievement requires you to survive a UFO abduction, at first you think that you just have to simply make it past a UFO, when the achievement doesn't pop you go back and check to make sure that was the requirement, but you then realise it is an almighty 60G to be something as simple as that. You then stumble across a cluster of UFO's, two or three maybe and if you successfully make it past them (with or without the force field) still no achievement.

Another interesting feature on the main menu is the stats, here you can see useless facts like how many jumps you have jumped, how many shots you have fired, UFO's discovered and more.

Overall this game is addicting, fresh and fun. However the levels can get rather plain after you have played them all to death, and you have mastered the game. Also if you do not have many friends to compete against, trying to beat your own highscore can be rather boring. Overall I rate this game a 7 1/2 out of 10. To improve, I think Microsoft could have implemented those extra iPhone only levels, seeing as we are also paying for the game, and maybe added some sort of multiplayer competitive co-op. Or even add those levels as a DLC to the game, however we are talking something new as there has been no hint for DLC for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

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