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Monkeys stealing perks, golf courses, water fountains, sprinklers and jets. The Call of Duty: Annihilation Map Pack has been released exclusively on Xbox Live this week. It contains four multiplayer maps and one unique zombie experience, bringing Call of Duty Zombies to the next level. Every map is different but the same in its own way, Treyarch like to try and create something new in most of its maps, whether it be a launching rocket, opening and closing shutters or even high point sniper levels. Each map has a different perspective, close-combat, open wide areas and camouflaging snipers. Read more to find out the ins and outs of this new Map Pack.

Hazard is set in a modern day Golf Course however there are canyons at the far right of the map which have an old theme effect, the name Hazard obviously comes from the dangers and insecurity of a Golf Course. This map is large, mainly designed for snipers who can hide in the camouflage scenery and bushes. One of the fun key features that adds to the authenticity is spawning in a shallow pond, which is one of many water features around the map. The sprinklers and water fountains give an exotic, fresh feel to the map. The graphics on this map are probably the best out of the whole of the maps, if you are playing in HD it really does take you up to the next level. There are a large amount of dips and bunkers for snipers to hide below in, camouflaging with the scenery. There are also other things you can hide behind such as buggy's and tables. However if you prefer sniping around the outside of the map, there is a path around the map which can enable players to fit in quite nicely. If you prefer close combat fights, this map isn't made for you as you will find it hard to stay alive in the open area of the golf course.


Drive In is an open map, yet designed for a mixture of both snipers and close combat gunners, the map has many relations to the Modern Warfare 2 maps Trailer Park and Carnival, it may also remind you of the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, Carnival with the trailers giving around the map giving a rundown scabby, gypsy effect, and the broken borders and scrap metal. You can play it safe running around the edge of the map with a weapon, racking up a few kills or you can camp it out in a few hidden, and a few obvious camper spots. The map is also very easy to get spawn-to-spawn tomahawk kills. There is yet not much more to say about this map, as with it being so detailed, yet so bland.


Silo's first impressions to me where an industrial area, once again having in game features such as a rockets launching off. It is possibly one of the best maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops for sniping, with so much going on and so many places for hide, this could be a Snipers Paradise. It is great also for SMG players as there are tight corners and great places to put claymores, C4 and other equipment. The Search and Destroy bomb locations are also great as they can easily be guarded by snipers, so be sure to watch you back!


Last but not least out of the multiplayer maps is the Hangar 18 which is great run and gunners and campers, it is supposedly set in the future, as with it having a Issac Newton apple floating in a gravity machine cylinder, which can be quite engaging to watch. The map is similar to radiation. The main feature of the map is the blackbird airjet, which I thought was going to blast off when I first played this map - but nothing happened. Personally I would say that snipers would benefit from this map as with there being some far distance spots, however there are some buildings that are quite close together.


Every time Treyarch release a map pack, it comes with a Zombie map and they claim it will be a unique zombie experience with all new weapons, levels and guns and although this map is fun, enticing past-tense features such as the gongs, I can't help but feel that they have taken a step back. Fair enough there is new weapons, new zombies, new easter eggs and what not - there is still something missing that this time has prevented Zombies from providing something interesting.

Firstly, the map is reasonably small which for Zombies is not ideal. There are not many escape routes, the mystery box only has four or five different locations which can be quite handy at times. The Perk-a-Cola machines are random, like in the World at War zombie map, Shi-no-Numa. However on the other hand there are some advantages, such as log flumes and Mine Carts as one of the small amount of escape routes available. This provides us with a new experience, as with the Zip Lines from Call of The Dead.

The new weapon, 31-79 jGb215 which can be a mouthful and hard to remember is a fun new weapon to use, it creates any zombie into a small minion, which can easily be blasted out of the way. Another good thing is one of the other escape routes which is a water blaster which you stand on, and it shoots you above the underground, however it takes a good 5 seconds to kick in, and zombies can also follow you up it. Another dis-advantage is the cement which can be hard to run through, even with the perk Stamin-Up, the worst part is zombies can walk and run at normal speed through it. Another fun addition is the monkeys, if there is a power up laying around, for example a carpenter. You leave it, let the monkeys take it and the power up rotates through different other power ups, such as nukes and double points and you kill the monkey and get a different random power up. There is also another addition to the map which is new zombies, there are four new types of zombies, one of them is a zombie with a pony tail, another called a shrieker that blasts out of its mouth like a thunder gun, another zombie being a napalm zombie which blinds you with hot fire, and finally the last new type of zombie is the monkeys, although the monkeys have returned from Ascension these monkeys come almost every round regardless or not if you have bought a perk.

Ahead of the achievement hunters is a big task, which at the moment has been discovered as a larger task than the Call of the Dead one, however is worth a crunchy 75G.

Overall, this Map Pack provides 5 more maps, in which are relatively different within reasons, and provide you with another Zombie map for all you Zombie players to enjoy. The maps have its advantages and disadvantages, however everyone still loves something new. I give it a 7/10. Simply because of the graphic detail on the new maps, and some of the cool features implemented.

9 years ago
If I had CoD, and was unsure whether to get this or not, this review would convince me to get it. I am the type to rely on reviews when it comes to map-packs/ DLC I am not 100% on.
9 years ago
what about the water trap... what about how different this easter egg where it feels almost like the easter egg is the bigger purpose. this zombies map is sick. just got to level 20 and it was quite easy to do. this one is harder to find a strategy but once you got one it's a pretty decent map. definately isn't the worst. you probably haven't played it enough times to really get the feel of it. it's only been out for 2 days after all...
9 years ago
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I have played it enough to put my final desicion on it. I've also been told that first impressions are what count