Over the last week, we've received a number of reports from the community regarding issues that range from matchmaking difficulties to strange Nazi Zombie co-op behavior. These incidents have been caused by some users who are hacking their consoles and ultimately damaging the online experience of their fellow gamers. This is not isolated to Call of Duty - incidents of similar hacks have been reported across several titles.

We and our 1st party partners have been working diligently on countermeasures to these security breaches, and these will be going live in a Title Update early next week.

Important note: As a result of accelerating the release of this Title Update, users will see menu changes that were not intended to go live until the release of Map Pack 3. In short, you will see the Map Pack 3 levels in Private Match, Split Screen, & System Link. When you select these maps, you will be brought to the Marketplace blade to download them; however, they will not be available until they are released in August. This is only temporary, and you will be able to download the maps as soon as they are released.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on the new maps next month.

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