This may not be news but to me this is exciting. As anybody here who has ever played any of the old leisure suit larry games for example the one that came out in 2004 called magna cum laude.

These games are just so funny and there like the gaming worlds american pie or average teen flick they contain humour and also alot of sexual referances and sex scenes even though europe versions get censored :(.

Anyway the reason for this post is that i found out today on play.com that there selling the game for an amazing 17.99 when the game comes out at the end of the month and i checked these details out on codemasters website.
And its true this game is being released at the end of the month 27th to be exact so this game is deffo flying under the radar but to everyone who reads this definitly pick this game up if you have the chance im sure it wont disappoint.


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