Those of you who wish to get hold of an Exclusive Super Sonic Avatar Costume will be able to by Pre-ordering Sonic Generations from Gamestop.

Whilst you won't actually receive your code just yet but more than likely near to or on the release date, you will also get an exclusive in-game mini-game based off of the Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2 (as shown in the screenshot) and a free Theme for your Xbox (it is not yet known if it is standard or premium theme).

And just to clarify they do do international deliveries for those outside of the catchment area but be prepared to pay a little extra for it.

Here's the link to pre-order it from Gamestop - gamestop.com/xbox-360/games/... ... ions/90894

8 years ago
Sounds interesting.. oh, forgot I hate SEGA. I still remember the preorder codes from Aliens vs Predator and how I early preordered the game and got no code just cause sega didn't ship enough codes to the retailer for all the preorders

Great!knowing that beforehand and how sega discontinued support for that game on consoles (PC got its patch done) I could have waited 2 weeks instead of preorder and save half the money.

Seriously, Is not that I don't like sega, I have even their crapiest games, it's just I don't trust them anymore. Failed delivering what they promise. Too many times.