It seems members of the press and Xbox MVP's got their grubby hands on the new Xbox Dashboard Update earlier and so far, we have seen quite a lot about the new updates, but for those who haven't I posted a link for a video tour - if you wish to find out more about it then check out most reputable gaming news sites and they are sure to have articles about it.

Just a quick announcement to those who have signed up for the beta preview program for the new Xbox Dashboard Update - if you have been accepted, e-mails will start rolling out on Monday 27th.

Click the link to watch a video tour of some of the new updates in action - joystiq.com/2009/07/24/video... ... ge_joystiq

Guest 10 years ago
Did you get one?
10 years ago
No, Im not technically a member of the press or an MVP - if I am lucky though I will probably be getting it on monday, if not then august 11 like everyone else.

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