Here's a small tech demo of what Microsoft is hoping to do on the new Dashboard in terms of bringing interactive advertisements using Kinect.

The adverts, which don't appear to be too intrusive - allow you to interact with them to either find out more information about their purpose via e-mail or share the information with your friends using Social Networks, set schedule reminders for TV shows or films or find out if there are retail vendors near you for say... gamestop or a local car dealer.

Some of you will be disappointed to see Microsoft again trying to cram adverts down your throat but on a personal level I see this as an intuitive new way of getting additional information to you per request - I mean, you don't necessarily have to watch them do you?

[showcase=watchkinectadsinaction,Watch Kinect Ads in action]http://www.youtube.com/v/RSk5DhxQHLo[/showcase]

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