This years E3 had shown a lot of things, such as Kinect Fun Labs. If you haven't read or heard about Kinect Fun Labs, go to xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t... or xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t... But if you have, we are going to be telling you about the ins and outs, the odds and evens and the good and bads about the new application for Xbox Live, Kinect Fun Labs.

Kinect Fun Labs was launched with 4 'gadgets', two pre-installed and two possible to download. The two pre installed were Googly Eyes and Kinect Me! You can then go on to download two other gadgets, Build A Buddy and Bobble Heads. Whats yet even more exciting is each game comes with 50G worth of achievements.
Kinect Me!

In this gadget you can take a picture of yourself, the picture that tries to detail on your shirt, sadly the face sometimes doesn't look like you. It will then create it so its like you but an avatar version. It will then ask you a few questions like, Do you want glasses? or Do you want a ponytail? and after that it will work its magic. You then can play around with your avatar and when you wish, select a background. After selecting a background you take four pictures of different poses of your choice. You then can watch your montage and record a voice message. Overall this is a good gadget, with a lot of fun involved, its rather sad it can't always get your face good. However I am impressed with the detail on the shirts, its funny to see your 'avatar' wearing what you wear. I give this app a 7/10, to improve I think there could have been more varieties of face shapes/hair shapes.

Googly Eyes

This gadget, in a word, is funny whilst a bit silly. You start of with it asking you to show the front of an object, followed by the back. If you are satisfied with the pictures taken, you can choose the 'Create Googly' option. After a few sections it will present you with a 3-D object, of which you took a picture of. You can fiddle around with the different eye colors and what not. Once bored, you can take a video that lasts roughly 10 seconds and then upload it to KinectShare. Overall I think this gadget is fun, however can get a little boring at times. I give it a 6/10, this is because of how old it gets quickly.

Build a Buddy

That moves me onto the next application which was available to download separately, Build A Buddy which runs similar to Googly Eyes. When you first start up the game you can choose from two options, 'Create!' or 'Play!' which can be rather confusing, also 'Play!' is in the center of the screen so it gives the impression that it is the default 'thing to press'. Like said above, it in similar to 'Googly Eyes' in the fact you start with taking a double sided picture of your object, however this time you can choose to continue straight onto 'Play Now' or you can 'Build a Personality'. If you choose the build a personality, it will ask you how you would like your character to be. It has a few questions such as: Cool or Crazy? or Smart or Silly?

After that you can record your voice to match your characters personality. If you wish to upload this one to KinectShare, it requires you to do some different moves, some that can be difficult. This is frustrating and you should be able to upload them straight away, without the requirements to jump around and look like a fool.

Bobble Head

Last but not least we have the Bobble Head gadget which acts like the bobble heads you get on a car dashboard. When you start it up it will ask you if you are male or female, something Kinect cant quite distinguish yet. There is also a 'costume' option, which has a range of unusual wardrobe accessories, such as a pirate outfit. If you select one, it will then take a picture of your face and before you know it your bobble head is almost done. However if you were to select 'Male' or 'Female' it would take a picture of your body, and use that as the costume on the bobble head. You think your done when un-expectingly you have to pose to take a picture - sometimes the poses can be weird as you are not expecting to have your picture taken. Yet more you can then record your voice to add to the fun.

When you have finished, you can then upload it to KinectShare - you can choose to upload the video or a range of pictures.

Overall, I give this gadget a 9/10, with all the variety and choices such as the costumes option, the un-expected pictures that can have funny pose.

Kinect Fun Labs is an exciting and fun way to get new people involved with Kinect, and with it being updated often with new gadgets it should be a successful gadget. Not forgetting to mention there are two gadgets coming soon, avatar:kinect and Kinect Sparklers, Kinect Sparklers of which was shown at this years E3. Come back and stay tuned at Xbox Resource for reviews of those coming!

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