Yesterday it was announced that Homefront's Developer, Kaos Studios was being closed, and the support for Homefront was being passed onto THQ Montreal. They have said that they have interesting plans for the franchise and that we will see a Homefront 2 sequel coming our way as THQ Montreal have begin work on it.

Everything we learned from [the original] you'll see executed in other games going forward, and including that franchise going forward. We'll have some really interesting announcements in the future about the future of that brand. The issues we had on Homefront we'll never have again. And yet, I absolutely love that brand and want to continue to make it great.

8 years ago
Epic fail, anyone ?

No matter it's true (sequel could improve like Assasins Creed 2 did over its predecesor) or false they had to do this kind of anouncement if they wanted their actual game to keep selling, otherwise people that still don't own the game yet won't feel too compelled of doing so now.

let's face it, to limit sales to the 1st three months from release is insane to any publisher, specially for a game wich selling point is the multiplayer not the campaign (buying it next year won't make much sense, even if you find it obscenely cheap).