Setting the stage for numerous knockoffs, Gears of War 2's Horde Mode was nothing short of spectacular. Of course, EPIC is bringing the mode back to Gears of War 3, and you might as well call it Horde Mode on steroids. Below, you can see new details of Horde Mode 2.0 that came out of E3 2011, all of which make us foam at the mouth.

- Horde 2.0 will have fortifications/command posts that you can eventually expand as you progress through the waves

- The players are given cash to buy upgrades to their weapons and the base which will presumably be spent before each round

- Players can choose between four different classes – Scout, Defenders, Builders, and Medics

- Horde 2.0 will feature Boss Battles

- There are team challenges which allow players to earn extra cash

- There’s the ability to switch out ammo between players

- A Silverback Mech is available once the fortress is upgraded enough

- In private matches, some fun options are available such as a laugh track, big head mode, and more

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