For as much as a big game like Bulletstorm, its DLC hasn't had any news. Today unexpectedly the 'Blood Symphony' DLC Pack has been put onto the marketplace. Like the last DLC, it costs 800MSP and comes with 5 new achievements.

The 2 new Echoes maps included in this pack are: Monorail factory, which has you annihilating your foes through the hallways of a monorail transport hub. Secondly we have Mean Streets, which tasks you with destroying a medley of different enemy types through the streets of Elysium.The Anarchy mode maps allow you and your friends to kill with skill in 3 new areas, including: Mini-City, here enemies can be thrown into miniature skyscrapers as well as sent into the path of a rampaging Mechaton. Rock Quarry, which will see players fighting at night by a cliffside waterfall next to a mining facility and features a number of environmental hazards such as runaway minecarts and furnaces. Finally, we have Ulysses, this map takes place in the jail hub of the ship and, again, offers some 'unique' opportunities for creative players to dispatch their enemies.

You can download the DLC from Xbox.com bit.ly/mMf1ew...

9 years ago
Its a shame they didn't say anything about this DLC, I dont know when I will be getting MSP next so I wont be getting this for a while.