Receiving many nominations already at E3, Assassin's Creed Revelations has been busy showing everyone bits and pieces of the end of Ezio's story. Today, day 3 at E3, Ubisoft has revealed brand new news items including the release date and pre-order bonuses. Read on to find this information and more!

Today, Ubisoft has revealed that Assassin's Creed Revelations will be going head-to-head with many other big name titles this November. The game will be releasing November 15th, and will be fighting blockbuster titles such as Skyrim.

Also, Ubisoft has revealed many pre-order bonuses for the game. As usual, GameStop will be holding a bonus for pre-orderees. This bonus is a bump to the signature edition of the game. This edition includes:

--A bonus single-player gameplay mission

--An exclusive multiplayer character

--Weapons capacity upgrades

--An animated short film based on the Assassinís Creed universe

--An Assassinís Creed Revelations original game score soundtrack

If you're not found of GameStop, or if this edition is not your style, it is worth noting that Best Buy also has a pre-order incentive, which includes an extra multiplayer character.

Continuing along with announcements, Ubisoft revealed Revelations Avatar items which include:

--Codex (prop)

--Desmond Black Hoodie (male and female)

--Eagle (pet)

--Ezio Outfit (male and female)

--The Bombardier Outfit (male and female)

--The Guardian Outfit (male and female)

--The Sentinel Outfit (male and female)

--The Vanguard Outfit (female only)

Finally, in celebration of 25 years at Ubisoft, *the company has released limited-edition Avatar items for two-weeks only (starting June 7th). These two items include:

--Desmond T-shirt (male and female)

--Yusuf Tazim Outfit (male and female)

* It is worth noting that many other games by Ubisoft have limited-edition Avatar Items available for the next 2 weeks also. Head over to Ubisoft's website to find out which games have limited-time items!

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