Adidas and THQ have formed a deal that let's THQ have the rights to Adidas's MiCoach brand and turn it into an interactive get fit game.

The game is primarily intended to take on EA's Sports Active headfirst and will feature training regimes that are based off of real life sports such as Basketball, Soccer, American Football and many more.

Obviously Kinect will be used as a way for the game to detect your body and make sure you are doing everything as it should be done, but what makes this even more interesting is that anybody with an Adidas MiCoach heart rate monitor will be sent real-time feedback on their workout.

And even more is that if you are lucky to own a smart phone and have the MiCoach app installed you will be able to sync your data to the game itself to keep all of your stats perfectly in check.

Now if this isn?t really trying to take down EA Sports Active then I?m not sure what is!

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