The Ms. Splosion Man beta has rolled out earlier today to all those eligable to play it. Successful applicants were sent a code via e-mail to download the trial version of the game - complete with achievements that act similar to those that were found in the Crackdown 2 demo - I.E. you can unlock them whilst playing but they don't actually get added to your profile until you purchase the full game.

Here's the Achievement list anyway.
Hell Hath No Fury - 5G
Destroy 10 pieces of scenery.

What Did You Do, Ray? - 5G
Download and play against a ghost from a leaderboard entry.

To The Conservatory! - 15G
Find a secret exit.

You'll Believe A Ms. Can Fly - 10G
Complete single player level 3-14 without touching the ground.

Helped A Lady Across The Street - 10G
Complete multiplayer level 2-14 without one of the players 'sploding.

Sore Thumbs, Inflated Ego - 20G
Complete all of the single player levels.

Score One For Team Awesome - 20G
Complete all of the multiplayer levels.

Best Of The Best - 30G
Complete all of the single player levels in Hardcore mode.

The Golden Left Shoe Award - 25G
Collect all 47 pairs of shoes in single player mode.

The Golden Right Shoe Award - 25G
Collect all 50 pairs of shoes in multiplayer mode.

Credit Card Is Maxed - 20G
Buy all of the unlockables.

Found Star Road - 15G
Find Star Road.

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