After the E3 press conference earlier I think its fair to say that most of us with a Kinect wanted to get our greasy little mitts on Kinect Fun Labs and have a mess around with it to see what it offered.

Well Micorosft straight away mentioned that Fun Labs would be available to download and use today, and after a short wait I am glad to tell you that Kinect Fun Labs is now on the Marketplace ready to download.

Each activity comes with 8 achievements for a total of 50G working out at 32 achievements for 200G.

As this is a busy time for Microsoft at the moment please be patient as this may take some time to show up for you in your region.

9 years ago
Dammit wish I had Kinect now and I bet my brother has got rid of his :/
9 years ago
SO... will it dissapear from the marketplace ? or will it be locked like gears 3 beta ? or maybe it's here to stay ?

I'd like to know so I might download even if I've no kinect yet.
I would hazard a guess to say that it will be here to stay, well at least for a year or so. The additional apps for this though are rumoured to cost msp. But again that is just a rumour for now
8 years ago
This is a good app, I'm currently writing up a review, but ive stopped for a while.

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