Dana White walked out on stage today at E3 and shocked everybody at the announcement that the UFC will be heading to Xbox Live in a new partnership deal.

The deal let's all Upcoming and possibly past UFC fight cards viewable on the Xbox Live service with added Kinect Functionality and the ability to take 'mini-bets' or in other terms 'call' who you think will win the bout that is currently on. At the end of the bout you will be able to see how your predictions matched up to everybody else who voted on that fight across the Live network.
We currently expect the service to run just like how the ESPN service runs at the moment.

Unfortunately at this time neither Microsoft or Dana White let slip on what parts of the world this service will be available, but my strong guess is that this could possibly be an American exclusive deal. But if that is the case then the UFC will be alienating a lot of their fans across the globe.

We expect more details on this announcement over the few days so stay tuned.

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