With last years Kinect Sports being a massive hit, Microsoft have taken it above and beyond to make the game even better with a sequel. The sequel has obviously been shown at E3 this year and in a word, is looking impressive. Firstly, we must say that this time round, it is not being made by Viva-pinata favourite, Rare. It is infact being made from the company behind Kinect Joyride, Big Park.

You may or may not know, the game is going to be called 'Kinect Sports: Season 2' It will contain 6 new sports 'the public have asked for' three being Tennis, Skiing and Golf. Now obviously this game is going to utilize Kinect- but one thing Big Park were most excited about was sharing about how the game would include in-game voice. This means that when you are playing Golf for example, and you have your Driver out, but need your putter to perfect that last shot. You can ask Kinect to swap clubs.

Another great new mini-game to the game, is American Football. This requires a lot of concentration, by the looks of things as also you need to use the new in game voice to start the game. Different also from Kinect Sports 1, instead of taking forever to select Main Event, hold the cursor (sometimes the cursor going off track!), choose the event, choose the mini event if required, and then choosing the amount of players, and then confirming them and what not- this is where the new speech feature comes in handy.

Here's a trailer for you to enjoy - [showcase=kinectsports2trailer,Kinect Sports 2 Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/v/gXSgqReQEcw[/showcase]

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