Rumours are circulating today that Microsoft are prepping their next big announcement service, that being the new opt in Xbox Live Diamond Subscription.

The service has been under the codename Project Orapa for awhile now and what Xbox Live Diamond is supposed to bring to the table is a combination of media room IPTV services and Xbox Live possibly using Kinect's motion control.

Before the Monday press conference, Microsoft are rapidly trying to tie up all loose ends and finish any last minute negotiations to try and put a demo together for everybody to see. If any of these negotiations fall through or a part of the service isn't ready yet then we won't get to see Diamond in action.

So what do you think of all of this, is this Microsoft's big announcement for E3 this year? If so will you be buying into it? We will all know for sure come Monday.

9 years ago
money-money-money-moooney... moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-ney!

(add funky music)

and the song goes on.